The Perfect Roadtrip Mix

Hi Adventure Babes!

You know the saying, "Instagram VS. Reality" that is used to expose the difference between what we choose to share with the world via our IG images and our REAL daily happenings? Well, the images that I am sharing with you in this blog post and on my IG this week truly capture the essence of each moment that I spent in Washington last week. Re-visiting these photos and reminiscing on my trip makes me want to pick up and leave life in LA to travel like a gypsy in a vintage Westfalia around the PNW. In addition to these photos, I am sharing with you our roadtrip mix from the weekend! This playlist will make you feel like you were along for the ride...

Vibe out, sing along, dance and drift off as you scroll through my photo diary from the weekend! Make sure to go and follow me on Spotify for monthly playlists at 'aubrewinters'.

Our adventures wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our friends at Pacwesty (IG @pacwesty). If you are looking for a weekend away I highly suggest looking into renting your very own Pacwesty and hitting the road with no plan other than to enjoy the view and stop at every place that you feel drawn to. One of my favorite parts about this roadtrip was the spontaneity of it. We had ZERO agenda (except for creating some content) so we were able to drive for hours and see everything there was to see + make stops along the way.

From listening to Nirvanna as we drove through Kurt Cobains hometown, Aberdeen, to turning up the EDM as I stepped into the drivers seat; the energy of each song vividly depicts every moment of our trip! I hope you turn it up, roll the windows down and start getting inspired to plan your next journey on the open road! 

Happy Listening + XO,


P.S. There is a little video of my psycho dance moves waiting for you at the end of this post :)

My Gal Pals and Adventure Buddies, Brittney (@blondeseyeview) & Talitha (@talithaphotos). Photo cred: @talithaphotos